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Behind the Lens

For me, photography has never been a job as much as a life passion. From snapshots of family, friends and pets taken with my very first camera to the weddings, portraits and sporting events I shoot today, photography is a staple in my life I very much enjoy sharing with others.

Shooting my first wedding back in 1984 opened my eyes to the importance of capturing images as more than just a documented history but rather a moment in time to be looked back on, remembered and shared with generations to come. It’s important to me to record not only the events unfolding in front of the lens but the emotions and feelings of everyone involved. So whether I’m focusing on a tearful bride coming down the aisle, a proud grandmother gathering everyone for long overdue family portraits, or an inquisitive toddler taking in the world around them, each gets my undivided attention and my dedication to capturing the moment, the fun and the memories.

Having worked as a Certified Portrait Photography Instructor for Olan Mills Portrait Studios and later graduating from the New York Institute of Photography, I continue to attend seminars and network with my peers to expand not only my knowledge of the art but to keep a pulse on the ever changing trends and styles in portraiture.

Expanding the breadth of my photography experience, I began shooting sporting events and concerts back in the early 90’s. Since then, these venues have given me the unique opportunity to work in a high paced, fast action environment. Whether it’s the excitement of the game or the essence of the music, capturing the expressions on the athletes faces or the visual impact of the perfect lighting on stage, this work has proven to be a challenging and fun change of pace for me as a photographer.

I am proud of my many long standing client relationships, some of which began with engagement portraits and wedding photography and later became family portraits and even senior pictures. I’ve learned that little compares to the pride that comes from being referred to as ‘the official family photographer’!

It is through the relationships I’ve built with my clients that my love of photography has rewarded me over the years and it is within these relationships that what could otherwise be called a job has become more of what I consider a privilege.

I never would have guessed when I picked up my first camera all those years ago… photography has become a way of expressing myself, a way of sharing my view of the world and a way of helping others capture memories to share with family and friends for a lifetime.

Not many hobbies are that fulfilling. Thankfully, I can say mine is!